Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Checking off those resolutions...

The New Year is starting off with a bang. Yesterday was the first day of our 16 week diet/fitness program - I think that my daughter and I are off to a good start. We were definitely sweating!

I resigned from the board of the figure skating club knowing that I do not have enough time to give it the attention it merits.

A decision Pat and I have been wanting to make since October has been made for us, thanks to God and my own faux pas. It is wonderful how we humans can screw up royally and yet the Father uses it for our good. This is one of those situations where I can see right away the blessing in the end result. That's much easier than when it takes longer to have the "Aha!" moment. The sin of me voicing my opinion in the wrong forum has brought about what we delayed by the sin of not listening to what God wanted us to do in a timely manner months ago. I find myself in the midst of mortification feeling a deep sense of relief.

My resolution reading list is awaiting me at the library. All I need to do is go pick up the books.

I also had resolved to spend more time with friends and developing friendships. I'm excited to begin working out with my friend, Caren, in the morning again. I very much missed the times we had together, sweating and shooting the breeze. Plans have also been made with two other friends to get together for coffee and conversation more frequently.

I trust that the Lord will put everything else in order.

An interesting point I'm pondering: Guilt by association. Barack Obama received a great deal of criticism for sitting under the teachings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright's inflammatory statements haunted Obama's campaign and the connection was expounded upon in the media. Okay, that's a public figure. What about me? If I knowingly choose to sit under preaching from a public pulpit that is irreverent and disrespectful, making light of such an important part of my faith (as in the Christ, the incarnate Deity)...then am I guilty by that association? If I continued under it, wouldn't I be as guilty as Obama has been portrayed? How do we know that Obama never spoke privately to Rev. Wright to express his discouragement or dismay? Perhaps he did - but the world wanted a public denial or nothing. I"m prayerfully mulling over my own actions and inaction over the past few months. I know my guilt as far as out of place vocalization, but what about my guilt by association and my failure to speak out where/when it mattered?

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