Friday, November 4, 2016

Not much of a gardener...

I was never much of a gardener
But I gave myself fully to growing a life
I labored its garden and gave it my all... I did
Poured myself fully
Spread my very life into its furrows
Watered that seed
Watched young sprouts turn to young plants
Saw them burst forth with fruit
And then in a moment, it is gone
Not drought, not harvest but sudden abandonment
Empty fields, vacant rows
Remnants of what was
What is --
Now some barren landscape
On one hand full of possibility
But on the other
So painfully stark
A field left after harvest
Forgotten fruits left to rot on the vine
Chaff and stubble amidst the clods of earth
Fall is come, winter is a moment away
Wondering if it is even worth the toil
To plant those winter crops
Did you know that if you plan
You can grow
In the cold?
I nod my head and speculate
There is life in that dirt
A heartier seed could be planted
But I'm tired
And I never was much of a gardener
Yet still...
There is life in that dirt
There is life in that dirt

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