Thursday, December 29, 2016

That piece of paper doesn't represent brain power...

It blows my mind that there are still people who judge others' intelligence by the pieces of paper they hold. Many of the most intelligent and sharp individuals I've met in this life do not hold a "degree." (And, truthfully, some of the densest and less savvy, do). My own grandfather was brilliant, an amazing writer and deep thinker, and yet he had an old-school 8th grade education. Bravo if you have been able to afford a college-education --- but if you haven't had the time or wherewithal to pursue such, don't let anyone ever try to demean you or degrade you for not holding a slip of paper. NEVER let them tell you that you are "uneducated" because you can't wave a degree in their face. Smart people don't confine their learning to some prescribed "program" of study that someone else devised. They read, they research, they listen, they study the world around them. They never stop learning. Some of the greatest minds in our world were autodidactic. The Nobel Prize in various disciplines has been handed out to numerous individuals all lacking a college degree.
Also, do not let them judge your brain-power by their personal disdain for your occupation of choice (or necessity). I know homemakers, carpenters and janitors who could provide a more intellectually stimulating conversation than many "professionals."

I went ahead and got the paper and I can guarantee you I'm not any bit more or less intelligent. It's just a token of completing certain prescribed learning. The achievement degree is all dependent upon the availability of time and money, but you and I both continue to learn, think and grow in diverse subjects.

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