Friday, August 26, 2016

I miss you...

I miss you... There are not enough words in the whole wide universe to express the emptiness in my life without you.

I miss your strong hands - always twirling my hair, rubbing my neck, the way you placed one on the small of my back when you walked into a room with me.

I missed our morning ritual of kisses. If I was still in bed, you'd kiss me and then either come back and kiss me again or I'd run to the stairs and kiss you at the top.  If we were downstairs, we'd kiss in the kitchen and you'd say good-bye, but we would always kiss again on the porch. There I would stand and tell you to "Drive safe!" If you didn't say, "Yes, dear," you would make a joke and I would watch you drive away.

I miss the way I would wake up and find you kneeling on my side of the bed, staring at me and watching me sleep.

I miss hearing your voice and all the stories you told me about your day and about your projects.

I miss listening to you talking to the dogs. They miss that, too, and all the treats you gave them! I'm not very good at eating things to share with them. They were even desperate for watermelon the other day.

I miss hearing you breathe, stroking your silky soft hair, making you smile, telling you I love you, being your wife.

Patrick, I  miss you.

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