Sunday, July 17, 2016

Posts from hell week Part II

fered major damage. He will likely have a weakened heart that cannot fully recover. However, I'm hoping his heart surprises us and fights to recover.
-Dependent on how things go over time, there are already Plan B & Plan C such as transplant
-So the prayer request - healing, particularly to meet oxygen goals, be okay off ventilation, and for recovery and strengthening of his heart. Of course, that he would be in the living 50%.
Thank you. Our God is great and mighty.

Things seem brighter when you have finally had a shower.

Afternoon update: Fever 102. Kidney functioning declining. Aspiration pneumonia. His SWAN catheter shows good ‪#‎s‬ and so even if the Lasix hasn't led to much urine output, they want him not dried out for the Impella & for the pneumonia. They did tell me if need be they can do dialysis. If I thought this was going to be something where he had surgery & then slow but steady progress I was sadly mistaken. Overall there is no progress. Some #s are better but some others are worse. But he is still here and I am grateful.
Sunday morning we were at church together, enjoyed chatting over our lunch, rode out to look at furniture, laughed over how we threw out the old furniture before buying the new, he did his yard work that he loves doing, grilled... It was just a day. A sweet normal day together. Things can change so rapidly. It is so cliche but make sure you appreciate the time you spend with your loved ones. Say "I love you." Smile. Be thankful. Because you really do not know what the next day or even hour will bring.

5 July at 22:02
One of our songs....
It's all breaking down
Crushed into the ground
But we're gonna see it through together

UPDATE: So his kidneys have been getting worse and they having been constantly having issues with his blood gases. This is about to get real crazy and serious. They have to stabilize him for travel. So he is going to be going to surgical ICU for this and has like five minutes:
"The ECMO machine will drain the blood from the vein, add the oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide, warm the blood and then return the blood to the artery and “pump” the blood through the body. This method allows the blood to “bypass” the heart and lungs, allowing them to rest and get better."
He may also be getting dialysis soon.
If they can get him there, this could save him by giving everything rest and healing time. The transport is tricky so it could also go badly.
Still I will praise HIM.

Praise God, he is successfully through surgery and doing very well. God is good.

Update: Dialysis starting soon, not permanent. Ecmo doing its job and many meds have been greatly reduced. Neurologically doing fine. God has shown Himself in so many ways through all of this. We are overwhelmed by the amazing love everyone has shown us and truly thankfully for the blessing of your prayers and support.
To the God who does exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or dare to think possible, to Him be all the glory now and forever

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