Saturday, September 27, 2008

about that debate

Watching the debate last night, I was in amazement that anyone could find Obama as a suitable candidate for president. I honestly was trying to look at it with as much of a non-partisan eye as possible. Originally, I wasn't fond of either candidate...I wanted Mike Huckabee to get in there! Anyhow, Obama stammered and scrambled his way through the debate whilst McCain held command of every conversation. Obama came off like an ignorant schoolboy.

I'm still amazed that he keeps trying to spin the thing of McCain giving "tax breaks to big corporations" as if it is bad. As McCain explained yet again, it's simple economics. You make it worthwhile for companies to stay here and keep the jobs here; if you don't, they will take those jobs overseas where they get the breaks. Doing that *helps* Americans by keeping jobs home. They do it in localaities all across our country. Just north of me, in the town where my husband works, they have attracted scores of companies and made several huge industrial parks. How? By offering tax breaks!

McCain presented himself as a seasoned and well-versed candidate, one who appeared very presidential. Obama appeared...political. For the most part, he didn't present real information regarding the "how" of any of his plans, just a bunch of pretty talk (when he could manage to get the words out smoothly). He showed no real knowledge or experience in military matters or in foreign relations ("I would 'take out' Pakistan," for instance). He showed no economic understanding. He could not and did not even try to explain his pork-filled "plan." I also felt that Obama was RUDE to keep calling McCain "John" instead of "Senator McCain" as was proper in that situation. He didn't realize his goof until the second half of the debate when he finally corrected his lack of courtesy. I felt that he was trying to appear condescending in the only way he could since he was facing superior knowledge and experience.

I was seriously shocked hearing that commentators at CNN were mocking McCain's speech and mannerisms while their golden boy was going, "Uhh, uhhh, uhhhh, uuhhh" every time his mouth opened. And once he got the words going, he was still stammering over them. It was pathetic.

What I think I enjoyed most was that after McCain spoke Obama kept saying himself that John McCain was RIGHT.

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