Saturday, September 20, 2008

catty saturday

Had a great workout this morning and I also took the dogs for a walk in the graveyard while Erin rode her bike. Filled up on Dunkin Donuts Decaf Iced Coffee and checked Skwigg's latest blog. A fair warning: hormonal cattiness has arrived. It'll blow over and I'll be a nice girl again in a few days. :)

Before I even talk about the interesting blog... I have to say, "HA HA HA" to the folks at CERN. I can't help but enjoy that their proton smashing extravaganza will be delayed at least two months. Yes, that's right... headlines say that "The Big Bang Machine Damage Forces 2-Month Halt." According to the article:
"It's too early to say precisely what happened, but it seems to be a faulty electrical connection between two magnets that stopped superconducting, melted and led to a mechanical failure and let the helium out," Gillies told The Associated Press. I have no faith in their "project" since they can't even protect their computer system from being hacked or apparently understand the mechanics of their own machinery. I find it amusing that they made such of big deal of trying to embarrass the physicists who think their project is potentially dangerous while stupidly causing their own delays and hold-ups. If they aren't dotting all the "i's" and crossing all the "t's" now, we're really going to trust them with exploring anti-matter? Yeah, right.

Okay, now onto the above mentioned blog. Apparently Oprah had Gwyneth Paltrow on her show and Gwyneth's crazy trainer said that women should never use weights over 3-lbs. There was a caption, "How Gwyneth Got That Body!" below the video. Clearly, that would *not* be advice I would want to follow. Her posture is *terrible*. Her boobs sag (she never wears a bra and could obviously use a few good back & pec moves). I did a little check...she wasn't on Maxim's Hot 100. I don't think scrawny chicks make that list. I don't think I've ever, EVER heard any woman say, "Oh, I wish I had a body like Gwyneth Paltrow's!" Madonna, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, those I've heard. Paltrow? Never.

My amusement does not end there, I discovered that she is going to be releasing a fitness DVD. Now if Jessica Biel was going to release a fitness DVD, *that* would make sense!

The trainer for Paltrow is also Madonna's trainer, Tracy Anderson. The idea seems to be to become emaciated...very, very skinny...and then you don't have to use much more than 3 lb weights to show what looks like "muscle." So skinny that the lines in the collar bone show through (that grosses me out). That's not "fit" to me...that's just starvation scrawny. That's not functional haul your own 50 lb bags of dog food fit.

Oh and BTW, those 3 lb weights she recommends? She makes Madonna do 100 reps of most exercises with them. Why waste your time when you could use a heavier weight, get better results, and not spend your life counting away? I get bored too easily to stand there and curl my biceps 100X a piece with a rinky dink little weight.

Okay, like I said, there is hormonal cattiness afoot today.
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