Sunday, September 21, 2008


Learning How To Bend - Gary Allan

Sometimes it's good to be stubborn, sometimes it's not. Sometimes sticking by your guns truly matters and other times it just doesn't make a huge difference in the big scheme of things.

I've been annoyed by something lately; it has to do with illogical decisions, decision that are in many ways inconsiderate of others. Yet these decisions were made in good faith, by someone wanting to "do something great" and make a difference. I've been frustrating by some of it (costly gas expenses, time crunching, etc) because I'm one of those getting effected by the inconsideration.

I hate being The One to Complain, the spokesperson for other people who are annoyed but won't do the complaining themselves. Yeah, it is great when everyone is happy and the situation gets rectified...but not when you're the "one" who is always speaking up. I'm going to stand back and see if someone else opens their mouth or that the folks involved just come to their senses on their own.

So I've decided I'm just going to bend for a while. Work on being flexible and dealing with what I'm dealing with...provided it doesn't get to the point where my bending becomes snapping.

On another bending note, I've been lazy about doing my long P90X yoga. I've been doing lots of 10 to 20 minute spurts of yoga, even a 36 minute workout -- but avoiding this long 1 hr and 25 min. yoga that my body needs so very badly.

I forced myself to do it today and am very grateful for it. My body bent and stretched, balanced and reached. I discovered that because of only doing the bare minimum lately, some of my balance postures were fairly rough. I could not stay in Crane for very long and Warrior 3 was uncharacteristically shaky. Side arm balance was tougher, especially on my wrists. I was able to do Wheel but I felt it - I normally make myself do that once a week no matter what, just to make sure that I can. (I know an 83 year old woman who did cartwheels every week until only a couple of years ago, just to make sure she still could).


Looking forward to the week ahead. These are some things on my calendar:

Nights in Rodanthe
Corn Maze & my friend's band performing
And you never know, maybe little Layla will finally be born!

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