Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday - Good Stuff!

Blogged today's workout here: Sweat Report

Greek God's Yogurt - I went to the Mustard Seed the other day. I was so annoyed that an itsy bitsy 8 oz container of Oikos Greek yogurt was $2.19 and the Fage brand was even more. I was about to walk away in disgust instead of succumbing to my craving, when Jenna noticed that on the top shelf there was a third brand of Greek-style yogurt. It was $1.79 and besides coming in plain (which is good all by itself) it also came in flavors. I purchased the Vanilla Cinnamon Orange and it is DELICIOUS. If you have not yet tried Greek-style yogurt, you simply must. The texture is completely different from regular yogurt. It's smooth, creamy and tastes awesome. Even the plain is good all by its lonesome, no fruit or sweetening required.

Max Factor Lash Lift Waterproof Mascara - This mascara is GREAT. No clumping. Comes off easily with a little baby oil. Definitely makes my lashes stand out. I had been using another brand that did the tarantula leg effect. This product is a major improvement!

The Love Dare - This is a devotional book that was inspired by the movie "Fireproof." In fact, the book is a part of the movie and during production, the authors were inspired by the need to write this book. Instead of doing it separately, Pat and I are doing it together for our devotional. We've only done two days so far, but IT WORKS. LOL - we're doing "projects" today - painting, cleaning, etc. Someone didn't make his plans clear nor did he tell everyone else what he expected of them. He then began to be very cranky and unpleasant. By remembering the dare of the day (which was a carry-over from yesterday), I kept myself from saying anything negative in response and diffused WWIII. So the world can be grateful that we read this, because things could have gone nuclear because of someone's irritability combined with someone else's hormones.


I am working on purging my closet once again. Things must be multiply and breeding in there. When they do, they have ugly offspring. Seriously! Things I wonder "where did that come from and, whoa! I certainly never wear that!" There are also things that have seen better times - those garments that are much loved and unfortunately, it shows. These things are going, going, gone.

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