Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ta-da! Tuesday Ten

1. I finally went to the doctor to review my spit test results - it was a female hormone panel done on day 21 of my cycle. I remember that filling that vial of spit was much harder than I thought, especially since spit repulses me. It was spit, gag, spit, gag for what seemed like eternity.

Anyhow, apparently I have the hormones of a woman still very much in her prime. So THANK GOD we have things taken care of with Pat because I can't even imagine what having a baby at this age would be like!!! I'm all about looking young, feeling young and living young ... but I've raised my babies. No need to go another round of that part of my life! I have a wonderful granddaughter to spoil! Plus, the two from NJ will be here at the end of the month and I'm going to have so much fun with them!

From the looks of things, peri-menopause and menopause aren't going to be knocking on my door for quite some time.

2. Every fall my thyroid med, Armour, has to be bumped up. I had my blood drawn last week...everything was fine but my free T4 started to swing down. That happens whenever the days get shorter. Fortunately, we caught it before I became symptomatic and I started on my fall/winter dosage yesterday.

3. I can't believe people fall for Detoxifying Foot Pads. I saw them for sale at CVS and they were not cheap. 20/20 did an expose' on them and it was such a joke. The manufacturers claim that they turn brown after use because of toxins drawn from your body. DUH! They turn brown as a natural reaction to heat and the ingredients of the pads. Placing the pads over a bowl of steaming water will produce the same foul results.

Tests on the pads showed they removed NOTHING from the body.

4. I like my doctor. :) We had a great chat about selenium and its role in thyroid health. I had brought him a couple of reports, including the followup on the Turkish study I had been intrigued by, and we had some geeky moments talking about biochemistry. When we got back to the business at hand - my health - he advised me to make sure I'm taking Vitamin E with it.

5. I was able to recommend him to yet another friend. My Avon lady called yesterday afternoon. She had finally had enough with her doctor (who was once mine). Double-billing, crazy policies which involve just spending more and more money there, etc.

6. My sister gave me a GORGEOUS pashmina for my birthday. (She had an appointment with the doctor, too, so I drove us there). Anyhow, it is beautiful, rich, tapestry tones.

7. I kept having crazy dreams last night and waking for 2 minutes or so, falling back asleep and then have more crazy dreaming...repeat...repeat. UGH.

8. I made chicken and broccoli stir-fry last night with brown rice. It was really good and I'm wishing for leftovers but there are none. :(

9. Marci Lall made a comment on "iSweat.com" a few days ago about eating an egg salad sandwich. I have not been able to stop craving egg salad ever since! I have no choice but to make it today. (P.S. Check out Marci's site - he has some great blogs and workout videos of circuits that anyone can do with little or no equipment).

10. Today is a track workout day. I should be training my friend and her daughter, but the daughter is sick. (So many people are coming down with nasty colds over the past week, 'tis the season!) That means I'll just be out there with my kids putting them through the ever popular Frankenstein Walk, high knees, butt kicks and bleacher running. It will be blogged at my Sweat Report.

I have another person to train on Thursday and I'm starting her at the track, too, while the weather is nice.

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