Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Ten Once Again

1. Carp pedicures? How gross! I cannot believe that people pay to have dead skin nibbled off their feet as part of receiving a pedicure. No thank you! Washington State is banning carp pedicures because they are unsanitary. The state law is that all pedicure tools be sanitized and how do you sanitize live fish? No boiling! LOL.

2. There have now been more than 9,700 reports of adverse effects caused by the Gardasil vaccine. Deadly blood clots, acute respiratory failure, cardiac arrest and “sudden death due to unknown causes” have all occurred in girls shortly after they’ve received the Gardasil vaccine. The vaccine is still *unproven* as to preventing any forms of cancer.

3. Want to cut your risk of cancer? Quit smoking. Start exercising. Eat healthier foods. Limit sugar and processed foods. Get regular screenings. Get the right amount of sleep. Get enough vitamin D. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins.

4. More evidence that soy is "not soy good." It inhibits iron absorption, is linked to peanut allergy and increased risk of asthma, provides no benefits with respect to heart disease, may cause bladder cancer, the list goes on. Here's a small blurb from the American Heart Association.

5. Since 2007 I've had 76 signatures in my Classmate's guest book and 361 visitors. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone signed the guestbook? The last two are guys I don't remember, two grades above me. Before them was an old friend with a disabled sister who had the best attitude, she was very inspiring.

6. Took Layla to her first appointment with the pediatrician. She has recovered her weight within just 2 oz shy of her birth weight. Formula-fed babies lose less than breast-fed babies BUT this is not actually good for them. Normally babies get back up to their birth weight by their two week checkup, so Layla is doing awesome.

7. For great Christian satire, go here: The Wittenburg Door.

8. I ruined my breakfast protein smoothie today by adding a packet of Super Fruits Plus. I cannot begin to tell you how disgusting it was and yet I did manage to get it down.

9. Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque. Inexpensive and awesome. The Mint Julep Masque is also terrific. The lack of sleep and craziness of late had my skin rebelling. I was not very happy with its behavior. I packed on the mud last night for about 30 minutes, washed up, went to bed and woke up with happy, blemish-free skin.

10. Very funny blog. Craig Ballantyne Wanted Dead by Fat Cells! From the spokescell from Dan's fat cells who are very unhappy with what Turbulence Training is doing to them.

Going to the track this afternoon - first to work out myself, then to train a friend and her daughter. It will be blogged at: Sweat Report

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Noele Doles said...

Carp pedicures!

No way, how ticklish. Probably not a good business to get into. Think how many of those suckers would get knocked in the jaw by a little reflex action on the part of my ticklish feet...

They could brush the little fishes teeth? Maybe that would count as sanitizing.