Thursday, October 2, 2008

That Three Thursday Confession Thing

1. I'm exhausted but I'm still so happy about my granddaughter that it is hard to take a nap. Steve wrote in his TCT about being in love with his daughter and I identify with that. My daughter is just a naturally amazing mom and I still can't get over the gift she gave me in having me there to help with the birth, my granddaughter is wondrous. She was such a fighter and such a trooper during the birth - and it was a hard one. She maintained composure even when under insane amounts of stress from some stupid nurses. My other two daughters are precious and are so "into" being aunties. Everything Layla does captivates them; Layla captivates all of us. It's just a big love fest around here. Add to that how sweet my husband was, tears in his eyes over the birth of his granddaughter and that look of joy whenever he sees her, how he melts when he holds her - I'm overcome with warm fuzzy feelings. My son-in-law, well, he's just plain adorable with his daughter and a sweetie with my daughter. He was so strong and sensitive during the birth.

Love, love, love! I love my family.

2. I'm amazed at how I can feel all this tenderness and still be so riled up about what is being done to my pastor. He's been on sabbatical this summer and the preaching has been a desert wasteland. The preaching this summer seems like some messages came out of a dusty file cabinet, "This one was good back in 1991, I think I'll use it again and throw in a few football jokes." I hate football. I'm being sarcastic and I probably shouldn't be. I'm confused, upset and yes..angry. I want to be challenged. I want to be exhorted. I want someone preaching to me who wants to set me straight and isn't afraid to do it. I don't need to be coddled and I don't want someone to make me feel good, like I'm such a good girl for coming to church. Tell me how to live a Christ-like life, don't give me some canned message. Tell me where I am wrong, where I've screwed up, and inspire me to open myself to the Lord for change.

3. I slept wonderfully last night in my own bed and would have loved to stay in that warm bed longer to catch up on sleep, but I confess... I got up and made sure I was at the gym at 6:30am. I blogged my workout here: It was still dark out while I was walking there. This shortening of days sure happened fast!

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