Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thoughts on this week's Biggest Loser

But first, I blogged today's crazy soccer field sweat fest here:

Now on to the subject at hand. This week's episode was a two-parter thanks to the debate on Tuesday night. Both parts seemed to focus on Jillian and her team, which annoyed me. I used to really respect her and want to emulate her. Not any more. There is a Bible verse in James that talks about how blessing and cursing cannot stream from the same fountain. (James 3:11 "A spring cannot pour both fresh and brackish water from the same opening, can it?") On one hand this woman is fouly cursing at these people and on the other hand she's all psycho-babble pseudo caring get-at-your-inner-feelings buddy-buddy.

I do not think it is necessary to use obscenities in order to push anyone. You can be hardcore and tougher than nails without being demeaning and disrespectful. I'm getting quite disgusted with this. It's probably some ratings ploy, "Look, we have an evil she-devil cutting loose!"

I was getting quite annoyed about her "no hands on the treadmill" rule. While I understand that YES, YOU DO BURN MORE CALORIES if you keep your hands off, I also understand that many obese people have serious balance problems. Balance is not built in a day. Balance takes time to acquire. Give them a bit of space, they'll still be burning far more than they were back at home, sitting on the sofa, eating fast food. I don't think it is necessary to stress someone to the point of tears. Feeling like you are going to fall is a horrible sensation.

Now on Jillian's side, I can imagine how frustrated she was. Her team seems to be made up of mostly unmotivated people. At least unmotivated in comparison to teams and individuals of past seasons. When you consider how very many people wanted to be where those ladies are now, it is an insult that they are making the most of every single moment.

One of my favorite couples, Heba & Brady, was split up this week, as the husband did not lose any weight and that put them under the yellow line. Brady did INCREDIBLE at home and has lost 85 lbs. The transformation was crazy-wonderful. He & his wife were on Bob's team - I was hoping that no one from Bob's team would go home, but that's the way it goes. I thought Jillian deserved to lose team members to prove at some level that sailor-tongues aren't the key to success.


Precision Nutrition had a neat forum post - The Amanda Graydon Project. This was a fit, healthy girl who wanted to take her fitness to the next level and become "figure competitor fit."

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